Emotional intimacy

What Are Love-Life Types?

In relationships, we play various roles — roles we wish others to play along with us. Each of the twenty Love-life Types corresponds to a favorite role.

We Play Multiple Roles

Most people play several roles. Thus, you have a dominant Love-life Type and several supporting roles.

The dominant type is
the favorite role you wish to play with your partner. This role is necessary for the relationship to be truly satisfying.

The other roles allow space for compromise and adaptation. These roles may shift from one relationship to the next depending on who your partner is and what's needed.

Water types like profound relationships.

When they choose to be with someone, they start a quest and intensely devote themselves. Ideally, each person believes in and supports the other. Water types know each other so well, they read each others' hearts and minds. A genuine relationship envelopes each person as they join into one. At the same time, there is space for both people to express their uniqueness and grow as a person. Water types are intense, romantic, and sublime. They prefer harmony between themselves, their family and society.

Water Needs and Values

Water Needs and Values

Someone who focuses on this elements tends to identify with the following needs and values:

  1. Emotional Intimacy

  2. Sharing Personal Values

  3. Honest Communication

  4. Catalyzing Growth As Human Beings

  5. Mystery and Intuition

  6. Emotional Sensitivity

  7. The Relationship as a Quest

  8. Living Each Day With Inspiration

Water Preferred Roles

Compatriot:        Supports your causes.

Confidant:           Listens as your best friend.

Dramatist:           Evokes your emotions.

Muse:                  Inspires your creativity.

Romancer:          Entertains your heart.