4 Essential Elements

Love-life roles have qualities in common. Commonalities are based on four core themes in relationships. Each theme is symbolized by an element. The four themes are:

•Earth: Family security

•Fire: Exciting activity

•Water: Emotional intimacy

•Air: Creative learning

Roles Are Agreements

Typically, the roles we play are unspoken agreements. Relationship satisfaction depends on how well we fulfill the agreements.

Complementary Roles

Some roles work best when both partners share the same role. Other roles work best when each partner plays a complementary role. For example, a Mentor will find a match with an Apprentice, while two

People Are More Than Their Roles

As you read about the Love-life Types, keep in mind that each type is an abstraction that shines in its own way. In films and novels, we encounter archetypal roles such as the Knight in Shining Armor. But real people aren't just their roles.





Love Therapy is a self help tool

The app allows couples and individuals to identify their roles in relationship and grow the potential of their own relationships. Love Therapy describes twenty roles that people play in relationships, and it helps you profile and improve your love-life.


What Are Love-Life Types?

In relationships, we play various roles — roles we wish others to play along with us. Each of the twenty Love-life Types corresponds to a favorite role.

We Play Multiple Roles

Most people play several roles. Thus, you have a dominant Love-life Type and several supporting roles.

The dominant type is
the favorite role you wish to play with your partner. This role is necessary for the relationship to be truly satisfying.

The other roles allow space for compromise and adaptation. These roles may shift from one relationship to the next depending on who your partner is and what's needed.