Fire types like fun relationships.

They want to feel free and relaxed with a partner with space to do their own thing. Ideally, a relationship is a partnership between equals and provides variety and a little bit of challenge and spice, where a couple shares activities and enjoys each other's company. Fire types are fairly open to atypical relationships, and don't need formal vows to signal their commitment. Fire types tend to have a "live and let live" attitude, and don't need approval from others about your relationship choices.

Fire Needs and Values

Someone who focuses on this elements tends to identify with the following needs and values:

  1. Exciting Activity

  2. Freedom to Act On One's Own

  3. Equality of Opportunity

  4. Taking Pleasure in Quick Action

  5. The Fun of Risk-Taking

  6. Intense Chemistry

  7. Following Gut Instincts

  8. Some Variety Every Day

Fire Preferred Roles

Courtesan:             Sexually excites you.

Rebel:                     Challenges your rules.

Teammate:             Joins in your hobbies.

Traveler:                 Shows you new vistas.

Troubleshooter:     Repairs your stuff.

What Are Love-Life Types?

In relationships, we play various roles — roles we wish others to play along with us. Each of the twenty Love-life Types corresponds to a favorite role.

We Play Multiple Roles

Most people play several roles. Thus, you have a dominant Love-life Type and several supporting roles.

The dominant type is
the favorite role you wish to play with your partner. This role is necessary for the relationship to be truly satisfying.

The other roles allow space for compromise and adaptation. These roles may shift from one relationship to the next depending on who your partner is and what's needed.


Exciting activity