What Are Love-Life Types?

In relationships, we play various roles — roles we wish others to play along with us. Each of the twenty Love-life Types corresponds to a favorite role.

We Play Multiple Roles

Most people play several roles. Thus, you have a dominant Love-life Type and several supporting roles.

The dominant type is
the favorite role you wish to play with your partner. This role is necessary for the relationship to be truly satisfying.

The other roles allow space for compromise and adaptation. These roles may shift from one relationship to the next depending on who your partner is and what's needed.


Creative learning

Air types like stimulating relationships.

Ideally, their relationships are creative partnerships. They can talk to each other, share ideas, and explore life's mysteries and challenges. There are opportunities for each person to learn from the other and progress personally and professionally. Air types take a philosophical or maybe a scientific approach to coupling, mindful that love can't always make sense or be strategized. Others may sometimes find them hard to figure out. They don't need approval from others about their relationship choices.

Air Needs and Values

Someone who focuses on this elements tends to identify with the following needs and values:

  1. Creative Learning

  2. Focusing on Mastery / Expertise

  3. Openness to New Ideas

  4. Acquiring and Applying Knowledge

  5. Imagining and Theorizing

  6. A Meeting of Minds

  7. The Relationship as a Laboratory

  8. Learning Something New Each Day

Air Preferred Roles

Apprentice:         Seeks to learn from you.

Creator:               Brings you wonder.

Entrepreneur:     Launches your big ideas.

Mentor:               Seeks to instruct you.

Oracle:                Foresees your future.